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Monday, October 24, 2005

My fall break with a turkey and a praying mantis

My fall break was short, but sweet. I didn't post while I was home because our computer is deathly slow, and I seriously almost had a nervous breakdown while attempting to check my e-mail. I am not patient at all. (But then again, who is when it takes 30 minutes to open up ONE e-mail?? If someone out there is.. well nevermind. No one's that patient. And if you say you are.. well then you're lying.)

I spent most of my break lounging around; however, I did go shopping! (where I found cashmere sweaters for $30! I'm in love with cashmere now; it's so damn soft!) I also saw a few old friends and laughed a whole lot.

My favorite part of the weekend, though, was being able to spend time with my oldest sister. My sisters are awesome, and the worst part about college is that I'm so far away from them. One of my sisters was working all weeked for the race, but I did get to see Heather. We went to the Barbecue Festival in Lexington, NC (our old hometown) and had so much fun! We basically walked around and watched people all day. Oh yes.. and we saw TONS of puppies.. and snuck into the Candy Factory because my sister has connections.

After the Barbecue Festival, we drove around Lexington, reminiscing. (Well.. Heather did most of the reminiscing because I was only 5 when we lived there.) We were going to see our old house when we came upon this:

Yes, that's a turkey. It was in the middle of the road, and by the time we had turned around, it had traveled to the other side.. WHERE THERE WERE MORE TURKEYS!!! I guess you could say we used to live out in the country... Heather put it nicely by saying, "What makes it even better are them there Christmas lights on that there fence!"

After driving around for a while, we headed back to my sister's house. We stopped by the World Market where she bought some Pumpkin Ale (which I thought was very yummy.. and it does taste like something they would drink in Hogsmeade!)

We finally got to her house, opened the garage, and saw this:

Now, praying mantises freak me out.. And this one was HUGE. As scary as they are (quit laughing), I usually expect to see them looking like Confucious, with long black mustaches and soft billowy robes, offering me words of wisdom (they just look so peaceful and wise). However, as Heather tried to coax him outside, this one seemed to be saying, "LEAVE ME BE, WOMAN! I'm meditating, and after that I shall like to climb up that wall over there."

I'm sure you can imagine what we looked like.. Standing just close enough to move the little guy outside, yet far enough so that in case he decided to jump, we would be out of his range. (I guess Heather doesn't like praying mantises much either.) All of a sudden, the garage light cut off and both Heather and I let out blood curdling screams. Why? Well because when it gets dark praying mantises turn into huge 50 feet insects who eat humans limb by limb..


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